ARMC EMS Fellows

2022 Fellow

Dr. Ricardo Padilla, MD

Hometown: Pomona, CA

Undergraduate Education: CSU Fullerton

Medical Education: Keck School of Medicine USC

Hobbies: Guitar, DJing, Golf, Sport Shooting

Fun Fact About Yourself: I had appendicitis three times

Plans after fellowship: Work in the Inland Empire as an ED Attending and EMS Medical Director

EMS interests: Tactical Medicine, Event Medicine, Disaster Medicine

2020 Fellow

Dr. Stephen DuMontier, DO

Hometown: St. Louis, Missouri

Undergraduate Education: Loyola University New Orleans

Medical Education: Touro University, Nevada

Hobbies: Hiking, Weight Lifting, Raising a pup

Fun Fact About Yourself: I made a cameo appearance in the horror movie “Staying Alive” at 33 minutes 32 seconds in…

Plans after fellowship: I plan on staying in Southern California and continuing to work in the ED, and working as an EMS Medical Director.

EMS interests: Wilderness Medicine, Tactical Medicine, Event Medicine

Dr. Ben Archambeau, DO

2019 Fellow

Hometown: Denver, CO
Undergraduate Education: Colorado State University
Medical Education: Midwestern University Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine
Hobbies: Hiking, climbing, camping, fitness and nutrition
Fun Fact About Yourself: I am one of the team physicians for Inland Valley SWAT. 
Plans after fellowship: I will likely be staying in Southern California to continue working in the ED, working in Tactical medicine, EMS Medical Direction, and plan give back by participating in graduate medical education. 
EMS interests: Tactical Medicine, Wilderness Medicine, Disaster Medicine

2018 Fellow

Dr. Alex Jabourian, DO

Hometown: Glendale,CA
Undergraduate Education: Cal State Northridge
Medical Education: Touro University California
Hobbies: weightlifting, obstacle racing
Fun Fact About Yourself: I’m a strength and conditioning coach
Plans after fellowship: Spending more time with my boys
EMS interests: HEMS